RecordingRecording Recording is much more than pressing a button. Who is your project for? Why and in what context? This voice will be your voice. With thousands of hours of recording behind us, we know how to support you.
Sound DesignSound Design We put all our sound creation know-how at your service. Whether it's sound editing for your films, creating sounds for your events, choosing your music or creating your sound identity.
Mix MasteringMix Mastering Mixing is a science and, above all, an art. Like cooking, you may have the right ingredients, but you still need to know how to cook them together. Bringing out the vocals, making artistic choices, so that the whole is in balance and brings a feeling of listening comfort. Mastering will sublimate the whole and adapt it to all the sound levels of the different broadcast media.
Voice CastingVoice Casting Your voice has to match your image. That's why we have several hundred voices in our catalog. Whether soft, dark, sensual, maternal or deep, we'll suggest the one that suits you best.
Original music compositionOriginal music composition Soundtracks, jingles, commas, teasers... We compose your content for you. A whole team of composers is at your disposal to help you achieve your image.
Audio art directionAudio art direction We support your sound projects. Whether it's for a podcast or an event, we work with our teams on your projects and bring you the best solutions for your budget.